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Politicians Best Before Date

This morning as I grabbed the milk from the fridge to drown my Cheerios, my oldest son said "Dad, check the date on the milk". Without even thinking, whether from it being first thing in the morning, or out of habit, the best before date never enters my mind.  Well that is until I either can smell it, or that horrid taste hits the back of my tongue just as I take the first swallow.


You see, we seem to live in a society that has a best before date on everything and anything we consume.  Even canned soup now has a best before date, yes canned goods go bad.  As I sat and enjoyed my very large bowl of milk soaked Cheerios, and a coffee out of my very City of Fort St John coffee mug, I started thinking about politics and expired politicians.


I have not been around for an extreme amount of time, nor have I been in politics for an extreme amount of time.  I do however find myself spending the last 19 years watching every election in every province.  This also includes every federal election and often times even down into the states, as a new POTUS takes the rein for what Canada hopes is a great working relationship.. we will talk about that later.


Here at home in British Columbia we are a little over a year from our last provincial election in which The BC Liberal’s won the most amount of seats and ridings in the province.  The BC Liberal Leader, our then Premier Christy Clark was under fire from the island, as well as Metro Vancouver for not having done enough to control issues like Health Care, transportation, day care, and of course housing.  After the final counts were tallied, Christy and The long term BC Liberals did not have the power they needed for a majority government and they fell from grace. 


I think I, as well as many other conservative voters seen the writing on the wall that Christy had met her expiry date as the leader of the party, and unfortunately as the Premier of British Columbia.  You see, I firmly believe a leader of a party that cannot form government, has simply met it's best before date.  This may sound harsh, or quick to judge, but it is simple, if you do not have the support of the people you once did, or never had, you are expired!


Let's fast forward to John Hogan’s NDPs and Andrew Weaver's BC Greens.  Here we have a coalition government who did not win the election from the voice of the people.  They won the right to control the house because they were both after the same thing, even though they did not win the 2017 British Columbia General Election.  Two things to consider: number 1, before the throne speech had even left Christy's lips, John and Andrew already spoke of a non-confidence vote to remove Christy Clark as the Premier.  Now #2, they are trying to trick people into voting for a different sort of electoral style to ensure more seats for the Greens and NDP in the regularly scheduled 2021 election, expired!


John Horgan as a politician is like the last jug of milk at the back of the shelf in your local grocery store.  By the time it gets to the front of the line, and you go to grab it ... the deli clerk is snatching it away to move it offline as it just expired before its time.  Now using the same analogy speaking of his partner Andrew Weaver, well he was the jug of milk that didn’t fit on the shelf right behind Horgan and was forgotten about outside of the cooler and spoiled before it was ever given a chance. 


Please understand this is not actually about Christy, John, Andrew or even Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwrath personally.  This is about any leader of a party or government that has been in power and missed the best before date themselves.  So if you are a supporter of the NDP, Liberals, Conservative or even Greens they all have a best before date, and this isnt about one or the other .. but all.


If you are still with me, lets take a look at the Ontario Election with advance voting now done, and general voting day less than a week away.  In pre election we witnessed Kathleen Wynne making some pretty major changes and announcements to try and ward off the smell of rotten milk while pouring it from the jug.  Yes, Kathleen Wynne is that 1/4 full jug in your fridge that has expired and largely gone un-smelled in the last couple weeks.  Her time has come and as we used to say on the farm, it is time she goes out to pasture.. and no I am not calling her a cow.


Up until today, I viewed Andrea Horwrath as a very viable competitor against Rob Ford and his Ontario PC's.  The moment the news broke that Andrea had gone back on her "I will not form a partnership with The Liberals" speech, and now has said that she "would consider it depending on the outcome" gives me shivers.  At what point in time does a Liberal platform and an NDP platform become one?  Lets look at BC for that answer with the NDP and Green platform becoming one... after an election of two expired politicians, that’s when.


Doug Ford has been hounded in the media for the fact his platform is light, or that pieces of it are missing.  You know what isn’t missing though, the fact he is not willing to give up what he believes in, just for power.  I would rather have a politician who will stand-alone for what he believes, than two who will do anything for power.  British Columbia did not take the warning offered three years ago from Alberta (our neighbor) .  The Leader of The BC Liberal’s expired, it went un noticed and the people wanted "change" ... but did they want the change they were given, I guess time will tell.


Ontario, you now have the ability to view what happened when expired politicians are running in the same election, and willing to try and change their orange spots to red stripes, or in BC.s case orange spots to Green stripes.  Whatever the color, whatever the pattern, the outcome is the same when two parties are hungry for power.   That hunger for power makes them compromise the core values their party has set out.. just for the main seat at the smorg.


Oh, and one more thing you need to know about politicians ... you will not get close enough to taste the expired milk, so look for the curdling from a distance, it is the most noticeable six months before an election.  


PS- Never believe a politician that has more to lose than they do to gain.


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